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When Ice Matters. Call the "Meatball and the Matza Ball".

POSTED September 03, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: If you need it, they will find it and get it for you.

Such is the case when something is needed within the Torrington High School athletic program and we saw a record effort take place when trainer Sarah Brewer needed an essential piece of equipment that the athletes certainly needed as this school year got underway.

The ice machine at THS, which rumor has it may have been used during the 60’s, had thrown it’s final cube just as the Raiders football team made their way onto the blistering hot surface at the Robert H Frost Complex two weeks ago.

Forget the need for ice for injuries, we’re talking survival in temperatures that easily broke the century mark over the first couple of practice sessions on the new turf which was not ready this time last year so the spike in Fahrenheit was remarkable and hit anybody (reporters included) pretty hard at first.

Enter folks who simply know how to get things done.

The group was led by the two guys who are self-nicknamed, “The Meatball (Mario Longobucco) and the Matza Ball (Ed Arum)” from their days a year ago of doing whatever it took to make sure the turf and track project was completed on time and on budget.

Calls went out to one of the biggest supporters in the Torrington community, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, represented by Brian Mattiello and another staple in the area, the Torrington Booster Club with Pat Fairchild and within two weeks, the machine was churning out swelling reducing cubes of happiness.

Gary Failla, owner of Failla Mechanical, donated his time and all necessary materials to get the machine up and running.

Mattiello, the Vice President of Organizational Development, spoke of why this was an easy one for CHH.

“We want to be known as health leaders in the community,” Mattiello said, “We know the sports program here is real important. We want to make sure our athletes here at Torrington High School are well taking care of. Making sure injuries are taken care of quickly or don’t happen at all is important to us.”

“Ice Matters,” Mattiello said and boy is he right.

Is there any organization that takes better care of so many facets at THS than the Booster Club?

Hard to beat what Fairchild and her group does from running the basketball concession stand to running the THS Hall of Fame and when they heard about the needs at the school, they didn’t hesitate to jump in.

“Pat Finn had told me that funds were needed to buy a new ice machine,” Fairchild said, “Within hours, I was talking to Mario and the next day, they had the check. The Club likes to do these kinds of things because it benefits so many sports, as well as the school itself.”

Longobucco was pleased with how fast the process went.

“All I did was make a few phone calls,” Longobucco said, “It happened fast because it needed to because we had such a very hot start to fall sports and the football team was in early.”

Who you gonna call?

The Meatball and the Matza Ball. They get it done.

Great job by all involved.

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