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Terrapins looking for a little Easter Sunday magic.

POSTED April 04, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TAMPA: Maryland head women’s basketball coach, Brenda Frese may have spoken for most of the rest of the country when she was asked if she was looking forward to putting an end to the University of Connecticut women’s dominance in the sport.

“I mean yeah, aren’t we tired of it?” Frese said, “Everybody’s rooting for us, I think we’re ready for some new stories. Our sport needs it to be quite honest but at the same time, it’s up to us as coaches and programs to be able to develop our teams and our programs to that point,”

Meaning that it’s easier said than done.

There is that little matter of the Terrapins opponent, the University of Connecticut Huskies, a team looking to make it a three-peat in Storrs.

Of the four number one seeds playing for the top prize, Maryland seems to be the most likely to fly under the radar.

After all, Frese and her staff had to completely remake her team after losing a bundle of talent a year ago when they made another run to the Final Four.

Getting back to one step from the ultimate prize is something the Terrapins and their head coach take a great deal of pride in.

“I’m really proud of our consistency because it is really, really hard to get here,” Frese said, “And especially with a team nobody expected to be here. When you talk about our youth, you know, to be able to accomplish what they did, pretty much we were written off after Alyssa graduated and our five seniors. So no question, I’m really proud of that fact. But it’s a different mentality coming back with this team. Last year’s team was kind of that was their goal and they were happy to be here. It’s not the goal of this year’s team. They’ve set really high goals for themselves.”

Too often, we see teams beaten the moment they step foot on the court with the Huskies. If Maryland learned something from the Dayton game it would be how they saw the Flyers play with absolutely no fear and trepidation.

“With the Dayton game,” guard Lexie Brown said, “we saw how Dayton played fearlessly for 20 minutes. No fear. They were taking all their own shots. They gave UConn their best shot. So that’s really the biggest thing we learned from that Dayton game.”

So while the head coach and her players respect what the Huskies have and can do, they are not looking to be the stepping stone for their next championship.

“Obviously, we have a great respect for Connecticut and everything they’ve accomplished,” Frese said, “To be able to sustain it at a really high level is really hard to be able to do. But, however, as we’re here, we’re not going to conceded anything. We’re competitors too.”

The Terrapins are perhaps looking for a little Easter magic if any is available, so says their coach.

“So for us a big thing is understanding in terms of how to play a team and how to be able to close that gap (between the Huskies and everybody else). So, we’re looking forward to tomorrow. It’s Easter Sunday. So we’re hoping to be able to find a lot of baskets.”

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