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Random Thoughts: Donald Sterling, High School Softball, UConn and the Mets

POSTED April 30, 2014
BY Patrick Tiscia
Twitter: @PatrickTiscia

First things first: Donald Sterling is a disgusting human being.

The ugly, racist-filled tape released on Saturday was hardly an isolated incident as he has displayed this type of behavior for decades. Unfortunately, David Stern always looked the other way during his term as commissioner. Money, seemingly, always wins. Sterling paid more out-of-court settlements than Michael Jordan won titles.

New commissioner Adam Silver, on Tuesday, did all he could do considering the circumstances – banning Sterling for life and fining him the maximum $2.5 million.

But, really, other than public humiliation, did Sterling really lose?

The man is 80 years old. A lifetime ban sounds good on paper, but it’s not like he’s in his 50s with a whole career ahead of him.

In 1981, he bought the Clippers for $12.5 million. Today’s owners will undoubtedly vote to force Sterling to sell the team, a stipulation the NBA’s bylaws allow for such type of behavior. So, in the end, he will go home for the rest of his life and make over a billion dollar profit on his initial investment.

Sterling is a lost cause. At this point, I seriously doubt any of this will change him. Hopefully, the end result of this will teach others that similar acts won’t be tolerated.


We’re just about halfway through the high school softball schedule, and, as usual, the strikeout numbers are just staggering.

Per our good friends at the Rep-Am, check out the two leaders in the Naugatuck Valley League: Raeanne Geffert (Seymour) 95, and Sydney Matzko (Torrington) 94. And that includes games cut short by the mercy rule.

Somebody, please make contact.


The Oklahoma City Thunder are one bad loss away from starting the rumor that will make UConn fans sick: Will Kevin Ollie take the Thunder job if offered?

He truly would be in a unique position to choose from two once-in-a-lifetime jobs. The first, obviously, is his beloved alma mater. And two, the chance to coach a potential all-time great in Kevin Durant, a player that expressed his admiration of Ollie to ESPN at the All-Star break.

My guess is that he stays, but it’s far from set in stone.


Regarding Ryan Boatright and DeAndre Daniels, no surprise here with their respective decisions. Boatright had a great tournament, but his size, I believe, would lead to him getting undrafted. Another year at UConn, as its No. 1 option, can only help his goal to make it to the NBA.

And another year at UConn probably would not help Daniels’ stock, especially after his strong tournament performance. I see his upside in the NBA comparable to Trevor Ariza, a 6-foot-8 swingman with a decent outside shot. That is, if Daniels can avoid those confusing lulls he often went into at UConn.


Stop the season. If the regular season ended today, on April 30, the Mets would be in the playoffs. Time to start planning the march through the Canyon of Heroes.

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