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Ramblings from "The Rent" after a UConn 19-10 win over Stony Brook.

POSTED September 07, 2014
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

EAST HARTFORD: Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. UConn first year head coach Bob Diaco has made it pretty clear that this is a process and that his is not a very good football team….yet.

More evidence of all those statements were on display during the Huskies 19-16 win over an opponent that when we looked at the schedule, you had to have put a “W” next to it.

Stony Brook, a member of the FBS, was not supposed to be this tough. Then again, Towson, who ruined the UConn home opener a year ago in a 33-18 win, was also a member of what is said to be a lesser division of Division One football.

Trouble is, it’s still 11 on 11 once the teams take the field and the Seawolves, to their credit, did not read that the D-I, FCS schools are that much better than they are.

It was a struggle all afternoon long on a late summer day that saw the field temperature go over the century mark.

Diaco has stated that the first three games on his slate would be a pre-season of sorts even though the UConn faithful (all 23, 543 that braved the extreme heat on Saturday) might not look at it that way.

Truth is, with so much new within the program, it’s going to take a good long time to get this ship righted and put back in the water under full sail.

We have gotten used to the eternal optimist (my blood type is B+ but Diaco makes me look depressed) that is the former Notre Dame Head defensive guy and frankly, how else would we expect him to act?

Kick and scream? Throw something in the locker room?

One has to figure that this entire season is a going to be a series of ebb and flows and the new head coach is going to get a pass regardless.

His job this year is to show potential recruits that this is a great place to play (which right now it is not) and that good things are-a-coming.

Imagine the treat when the running game goes for 100 or 150 yards in a game or that day when Arkeel Newsome or Ron Johnson, both strong and hard running freshman, break one to the house.

There are glimpses of that now. It’s all new unexplored territory for most of these players.

One of biggest tasks that Diaco had to address when he got here was the losing mentality that had hung over the program for nine games a year ago when they started 0-9.

That process is moving along and after going down to Stony Brook early in the game after a fumble in the end zone was recovered for a touchdown, UConn showed grit (as the coach said) in not letting that “Here we go again” mentality take over.

Chandler Whitmer, who by no means had a strong game, did connect on a nice TD throw to Geremy Davis late in the second quarter.

Deshon Foxx provided the highlight of the day when he raced back for a booming Seawolves punt that he returned for a score from 72 yards out.

After two games a year ago, the Huskies were on their way to a nine game losing streak.

Looking at it an optimists view, the Huskies (going back to last year) are winners of four of their last five.

Depends on how you spin it, right?

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