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Please stop the Bowl Madness!!!

POSTED January 04, 2016
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s crazy, this shear number of college football bowl games.

Dizzying in fact.

I can’t keep track, nor do I want to.

Semi-final games played on New Year’s Eve, half empty stadiums and the like make you wish for anything on television but another bowl game.

And who comes up with the names?

Remember when it was the Orange, Rose or Sugar Bowl?

Not anymore.

Now we get bowls with names like Tax Slayer, Russell Athletic, Famous Idaho Potato, Belk (what?) and Quick Lane bowls.

In the near future, sites for bowl games may include Dubai and Ireland.

Okay, the Ireland Bowl might appeal to Notre Dame Alumni but Dubai?

From Storrs, the home of the UConn Huskies, it is a 6751 mile flight to the United Arab Emirates location. Not sure even the most passionate Huskies fan is making that trip.

UConn made it back to a bowl game this year, a big feather in the cap for second year head coach Bob Diaco who turned a 2-10 mess into a 6-7 unit in just a year and to be honest, that record should have been better if the Huskies could get their offense in gear.

The team from Storrs lost in the St Petersburg Bowl to Marshall by a 16-10 final before almost no one.

An announced 14,000 or so attendance figure was not one that flew with many who watched. ESPN had to be very careful not to show the cavernous emptiness of a Tropicana Field, one that is horrible as a baseball stadium and even worse as a football stadium.

Nothing screams football like paying strong safety from somewhere near second base.

Becoming bowl eligible has become the standard for a good season. Even if that means you can make it with a sub-500 record, a true joke.

How about a winning record, not even a .500 record?

Win at least one more game than you lose. Would that be so terrible?

Schools have to be taking a bath at some venues even if they do get monies from the bowl games.

UConn played at 11 a.m. the day after Christmas in Florida, not exactly an attractive time or day for fans to be thinking of tailgating.

Heard someone mention the other day allowing teams to earn home games for bowl games.

Heck, in that case at least the home teams fan base could turn out. At the next level, teams fight tooth and nail for home field advantage throughout the playoffs, what would be the harm in trying it with some of the bowl games?

Playing in front of a packed house would certainly spice things up a bit.

So please, powers that be, help me with this bowl mess.

I like college football same as the next guy but this is ridiculous.

The Belk Bowl? Yikes…..

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