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Huskies look for statement game in Missouri. Mets look to move forward.

POSTED September 17, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

Red-shirt sophomore Bryant Shirreffs and the UConn Huskies hit the road to play Missouri, ranked No. 20 in the country. Can UConn make a dent in the 23-point Vegas spread?

TORRINGTON: Week three of the University of Connecticut football team’s 2015 campaign could be considered house money, after their victories in consecutive games to start the campaign.

After all, the Huskies had not started a season at 2-0 since 2008 and in doing so, they matched their 2014 win total over a 10-day span.

UConn heads to the mid-section of the country on Saturday to take on their first ranked team of the year in Missouri at noon.

It’s nearly 1300 miles to Missouri and considering how the odds makers feel about who is going to win this game, the teams appear on paper to be that far apart when it comes to the match-up.

As of today (Thursday) at mid-day, the Tigers are still favored by a staggering 21-23.5 spread, a number that has a lot to do with what the Nevada folks think about the team from the bottom tier of the American Athletic Conference, at least based on last year than it does the 20th ranked Tigers.

UConn is being asked to show, not only to the odds folks but to their fan base as well, that the 2-0 start means something aside from beating a Division 1-A school (Villanova) and an Army team that looks nothing like the one that beat up on the team from Storrs on the ground a year ago in Yankee Stadium.

Does it appear the two teams are that far apart when you see what each has done so far?

No, I don’t think so but the Mizzou defensive line is one that nightmares are made of with perhaps four future National Football League draft picks lining up to attack Bryant Shirreffs and the much talked about Huskie offensive line.

UConn has not exactly been opening up gaping holes for Ron Johnson or Arkeel Newsome so far this year but there have been moments.

It will be critical for the Huskies to protect their red-shirt sophomore quarterback if the running game is shut down so the passing game can try and produce results.

Trust me, the UConn offense has looked much better at times this year so far, Shirreffs looks like the real deal but it is also about to do just that, get very real.

….So here we go. Another Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees which comes during a pennant race in September. Who knew?

The two New York teams square off this weekend at Citi Field with both trying to get to the post season with the days and games winding down to a precious few.

The Mets hold a 7.5 game lead over the Washington Nationals even after giving up ground each of the last two nights to the lowly Miami Marlins, who have taken the last two series against the Mets in a span of two weeks.

They have 16 games to play and are 7.5 games up. No, I don’t feel any lead is safe until it’s done. I still winch when I think of 2007 and until they clinch, I’ll continue to flinch.

The Mets will throw Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey over the weekend but considering the 50-60 pitch limit Mr. Un-Happy Harvey Day will be on, who knows what the team may get from a pitcher that seems rather fried at the moment.

The Yanks on the other hand, have 17 to play and while they hold one of the Wildcard spots firmly in their grips, would most certainly rather have the division and they play the team in front of them, the Toronto Blue Jays, after they leave Queens on Sunday night.

I have tickets to the next to the last game of the regular season on Saturday, October 3 and would rather the game not mean anything. I know, it would be cool to clinch with us there but I’m good if it’s already done. Don’t need the drama.

Their Magic Number is 10 (which is much better than their Tragic Number, something fans have grown accustomed to over the years), meaning any combination of Mets wins and Nats losses that add up to ten get it done.

The sooner the better please.

Don’t make me flash back to Tom Glavine or to Carlos Beltran, please.

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