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Five Stellar Members to Join THS Hall of Fame on April 26.

POSTED March 30, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

TORRINGTON: It’s one fine group, these five new additions to the Torrington High School Athletic Hall of Fame who will join the prestigious club on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at the Torrington Elks Lodge.

Ed Arum, Ali Bronson, Joe Lefkowski, Daniela Ponte and Erika Pratt have each created their own legacies at THS in various fields.

Starting with Arum, who has worn his share of hats in the Torrington community, his latest being the guy to make sure the nearly three million dollar turf and track project at the high school went in smoothly, despite multiple roadblocks along the way.

He’s simply a guy who loves Torrington and knows how to get things done.

Adding him to the Hall of Fame makes an already rich club even more affluent.

Bronson is a young lady who excelled in multiple sports during her time as a Raider and has gone even further in her dream of working and talking about sports, which she has done on the biggest stage at ESPN.

Currently, Bronson is producing an all-women radio show on the national scene that is on air at noon on the World Wide Leader.

She has worked her way up through the ranks, first as an intern then part time followed by a full-time gig that she simply loves doing.

You name the host, Bronson has produced a show with them. You never know who you are going to meet at ESPN and the former Raider has met her share over time.

“Coach Joe”, as he is sometimes called by the girls’ basketball team, was a head coach for the Litchfield girls before coming to Torrington and has been invaluable to head coach Mike Fritch and the rest of the staff.

Lefkowski is the calming grandfather figure who helps filter the emotion that comes from the girls fiery head coach.

Pratt, who may be the next girls head coach when her father, Mike, steps down in the future, has had a stellar record as the junior varsity coach and was one heck of a player during her time, playing through high school and throughout college.

Ponte was a pole vaulting champion during her time at THS and also played soccer during the fall.

It’s always a fun night and will continue to be after bringing these five stellar winners into the fold. 

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