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Diaco looks to increase media access to his football program.

POSTED June 10, 2015
BY Timothy W. Gaffney
Twitter: @TimothyGaffney

STORRS: In his second season at the helm of the University of Connecticut football team, Huskies head coach Bob Diaco is looking to change the way the media covers his team and when it comes to fruition, it should be a huge positive for a program looking for good news.

The best way for anyone to tell a better story about any team is to see and hear from them, a bone of contention for the media a year ago but this change would allow the Connecticut (and beyond) media a chance to see what improvements come, even before the team gets to the field.

In an open and frank talk with a large contingency of the normal folks who make their way up to Storrs for the Tuesday media session, Diaco spoke of wanting to give us a chance to do our jobs in a way that will also benefit the Huskie fan base by hearing from the players and coaches more often.

Firm plans still need to be hashed out and be put on paper but some of the highlights include an invitation for the electronic, print and television reporters to spend as much time as they want once the regular season begins watching UConn practice.

Opportunities to talk to players right after watching practice or talking with assistant coaches will also open up, a huge positive.

On the television side, all Diaco asked was that the boys behind the cameras don’t shoot critical offensive situations three days before the team is scheduled to go to work when it counts. Makes sense.

For folks who have been doing this a while, the better the access to the team, the better the coverage for the school.

Take the Final Four in Tampa this spring. Having full access to all the players for an extended period of time led to some great human interest stories on a dozen or so players.

Imagine the stories that can be told on a squad of over 70?

Each of these student/athletes has a story to tell.

Why did they choose UConn?

What kind of future do they see for themselves and for the football program?

Nobody goes somewhere they think they are going to lose every time out.

How cool is it when you are part of the team that helped turn the program around, whether it be this year, next or whenever?

It’s very well known that football drives the train.

Giving us a peak at the latter cars after the main engine can only help us tell how you can move the entire program farther down the track.

Diaco did not come here to lose and has shown a willingness to change. This shows that. A year after holding everything very close to the vest, the head coach is starting to let it be seen how he is trying to build a winning hand.

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