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A sweet victory for T-squared

POSTED September 12, 2013
BY Rick Wilson
Twitter: @scribewilson

                                           A sweet victory for T-squared


            In the opening day explosion of high school games and meets Tuesday, this score got kind of lost in the shuffle – Terryville / Thomaston 5, Gilbert 0 in girls soccer action.

            No reason most should take notice. After all, Gilbert has been blanketed in mediocrity in recent times while Terryville-Thomaston hadn’t seen a win in recent memory. Nothing to excite the multitudes outside the three towns.

            But, you have to pay attention when a two-year 32-game losing streak is broken. T-squared, as this unlikely conglomeration of Kangaroos and Bears likes to call itself, finally got to dance the victory dance and it has been a long time coming.

            A victory worthy of a treat.

            “You know, they were pretty excited,” said coach Brian Rosano. “I don’t know if it is because we won or we promised to go to Dairy Queen.”

 For the unaware, Gilbert’s Walker Field is within sniffing distance of sundae heaven at the DQ. And just for the record, Rosano was pretty excited too – for the victory, the ice cream and his financial status.

“I conveniently forgot my wallet and my assistant coaches (Pat Norton, Chris Perkins) had to pay,’ laughed Rosano.

Another good move on a day of good moves coach.

The two schools are in their second year of co-opping. Thomaston tried girls soccer a while back and had a program for a decade. In a small school, dipping into a limited talent pool along with a long-established field hockey program, the Bears could not stay competitive and were forced to abandon the program seven years ago.

Terryville has struggled with numbers and also the competitive end of it. All of which brought the two schools together. Seemingly a no-brainer with their close proximity (4 miles or so) but not that simple.

Hey this is Thomaston and Terryville, definitely the longest running rivalry in the Berkshire League and arguably the fiercest rivalry. Long-time coach Gregg Hunt has coached at both schools and around the BL and calls it the rivalry with the most `edge’ to it.’

These two schools have thrown everything at one another including rocks and snowballs going back to before WWII. The rivalry and stories are endless. It was not easy to mix brown and gold with black and orange.

But, Terryville wants to be good and Thomaston just wants to play. So all the rivalry or most of it has been put on the side. The truth be known, Golden Bear folks still find it a bit disconcerting to see some of their student-athletes dressed in bright orange and black uniforms in the hallways at the end of the day. They are taking their valium and adjusting however.

The first year produced camaraderie but no wins. Rosano, who took over the coaching reigns from Tatum Sherwood halfway through the season, says the spirit never wavered.

“Even last year, they came to play every day,” says Rosano. “There was no moping. They knew they were overmatched but tried to stay positive.”

This season there are just four seniors and with one win in the books, Rosano likes the future. He has two captains, senior Jess Covello (Terryville) and Morgan Graham (Thomaston) in a program of 37, about two thirds from Terryville and a third from Thomaston.

There are no promises about wins.

               “We came into the season knowing we would be able to compete better,” Rosano said. “We know we won’t be blown out as many times. We’re not in the class of Lewis Mills and Litchfield but we want to compete with the other teams. We will be happy with a 2-0 loss to Nonnewaug instead of 6-0.

              Jenna Covello and Casey Carangelo scored a pair of goals apiece in the victory over Gilbert. Covello is from Terryville, Carangelo from Thomaston. Sam Brostek, a Thomaston sophomore added another goal. It’s called sharing the wealth.

            Where the program goes after this season needs to be decided. Co-ops are for two seasons and then you must reapply with the CIAC. Rosano would like to see it continue.

            In the meantime, Tuesday’s result was one you needed to pay more attention to. For T-squared it was a long time coming.     

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