There are many ways to take advantage of the tremendous exposure you can get by advertising on

Our rates far and away give you a better bang for your buck than any newspaper, radio or television package available today.

We track your results and present them to you before each renewal period and we continually perform at a superior level for each and every one of our customers.

You will know how many impressions (each time your ad is seen by someone viewing the site), clicks (when an interested and potential customer for you clicks on your ad) and what that percentage equals.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times consider a click through percentage of between 3-4 percent to be highly successful.

We continue to average between 6 and 10 percent on a consistent basis with many ads running over 15 percent.

Ad Types

  1. Top Banner ad with in-story feature.

    Our most popular and successful ad available. The banner ad is larger and stands out while the in-story feature rotates your ad below one of our writer's by-lines, creating greater exposure.

    A unique rotation gives each person who takes this feature some one on one time in the reader's eye as they read our story.

  2. Side Box ad with in-story.
    Another very successful way to get your ad the exposure you desire.

    In both cases, we create the ad for you at no cost. Our skilled team at works their magic in order to get you an ad that stands out and gives your potential customers everything they need to check out your place of business.

For rates and additional information call Timothy W. Gaffney at 860-480-5776 or email at

We are, "More Than Just The Scores".

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